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I did the session on Skype with Brigitte (I'm from Finland), and it worked out beautifully. I can highly recommend this 1 hour Rebirthing session with wonderful Brigitte! The session is specially good, if you have a particular issue on your mind and body. Brigitte guides you there with her warmth and deep compassion. And helps you to find your own unique beauty and power.

Anja, Finland

I have found Brigitte to be an extremely skillful healer. She has helped me to find my deepest healing, being right there with me every step of the way, responding with exquisite gentleness and sensitivity. I feel completely safe and wholly nurtured in her presence. 
After many years of deadening depression and illness I experience life and joy return after the first session and in the days following the session. I saw clearly what I needed in my life for my wellbeing and  felt strong enough to make the changes.
I have had 2 sessions over approx. 3 weeks and I feel fundamental shifts have taken place in my whole being, leaving me strong, happy, motivated and excited. 
I am full of heartfelt gratitude and love for Brigitte and her wonderful work.


Rebirthing with Brigitte has accelerated my learning and helped me understand myself enormously.

This has bought new clarity to my relationships and enabled me to change how I present myself to the world.

It is hard to justify the time and expense of doing work like this, but believe me it will pay you handsome dividends – as it did me.

The option to change oneself is available to those willing to work with Brigitte and the breathe.

Alex Nicholas

Senior Mgr – FTSE 100 Business

I had five sessions with Brigitte. I found them really useful and insightful and she was brilliant in helping me to feel safe, supported and free to explore sometimes uncomfortable aspects of myself.

Her calmness and respectful but strong presence empowered me to go to unexpected emotions, without feeling either self-conscious or responsible for her (quite a breakthrough for me!).

Anyone contemplating using rebirthing as a tool for self-exploration should find her a valuable partner in that search.


Brigitte brings a whole holistic approach to her work as well as attention to the detail of what is happening. Her absolute faith in the interconnectedness in everything that is going on and steadiness in this and that “nothing is wrong” is a great container to work in. It think it takes a lot to hold this work and I think Brigitte holds it with a lot of gentleness but steadiness.


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